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McCain in coitus with Bush

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McCain and Bush

I discovered an over the top illustrated love story between George Bush and John McCain by artist Ethan Persoff.  The title page states that the material is for adults only and it is in the vein of R. Crumb.  So if you’re ready for some dirty humor following a convention of Republicans in denial, check out “The Adventures of Fuller Bush Man and John McCain in ‘Obliging Lady'”

I write Republicans in denial, because after watching the major speeches of the RNC, I was appalled at the rhetoric employed to try to put the blame of the state of this nation internally and externally on someone other than themselves.  It was befuddling to hear the declarations that  they will clean out Washington of corruption and establish a transparent government, when we’ve had eight years of a Republican presidency and they’ve had the majority in the both the House and Senate during the first seven years of this Republican White House!  (Of course the denial is aided when the current Republican president and vice president are kept far away from the convention.)

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September 4th, 2008 at 8:52 pm

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