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Do NOT Try Adobe Animate

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I’m a long time user of Adobe Flash and I have used it in many animation classes. This past week, I got an Adobe pop up window inviting me to try Adobe Animate. As I’ll be teaching 2D animation in the fall and always use Adobe software, I thought, I should check out Animate… See how different it is from Flash. I knew that Flash was being renamed Animate, but I also thought that Adobe would make some upgrades to the software. So I clicked the pop up button and now my Flash is gone and I’m left with a one week trial of Animate! As a CUNY professor on a CUNY computer, my Adobe software is legitimate. I did not anticipate for my Flash software to be gone nor did I imagine that it would be replaced with a one week trial of Animate. Meanwhile, I have projects to complete and a course to prepare for and Adobe has left me with a week long trial of software that I already owned… Why would I ever want to have my students use this software when they pull this shit?

Adobe deleted my copy of Flash and replaced it with a week long trial of Animate, what the fuck?!

Adobe deleted my copy of Flash and replaced it with a week long trial of Animate, what the fuck?!

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June 29th, 2016 at 6:32 pm

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When News Becomes Fiction

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Did The Takeaway really use the latest Game of Thrones music to introduce a report on the attack at the Istanbul airport? I hope that I’ mistaken, but it sounds as if the attack at the Istanbul airport was introduced with the music from this past Sunday’s Game of Thrones, which would be problematic.

Listen to the music track from episode 10 of season 6 at around the three minute and fifty second portion

It sounds too similar to the beginning of the story from The Takeaway on Wednesday June 29th. There is a problem when the news utilizes elements of fiction to capture our attention. We can not accept this sort of broadcasting! Link to The Takeaway

Reality becomes fiction and our brains collapse.

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June 29th, 2016 at 12:29 pm

Ometepe the Video Game

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I’ve spent a good chunk of time this past year learning Unity3D. Although I’ve primarily been covering Unity for 3D and VR content, I wanted to build a 2D game as well and a first version is nearly finished! “Ometepe” – a 2D platformer type game is set on the island Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua where you control El Chapulin Colorado who defends the island from ecological havoc wrought by President Daniel Ortega and Hong Kong Billionaire Wang Jing has they attempt to construct the Nicaragua Canal. (If ever realized, the Nicaragua Canal would entail the largest movement of earth in the planet’s history. I plan to complete the game and have it available this July 2016!