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“Old Man” by Leah Shore

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Animator Leash Shore is awesome! She fluidly mixes so many different types of animation from hand drawn and painted to computer drawn to claymation to montage, from black and white to color… and it all comes together beautifully. I particularly like how she will render the same character in different formats. Charles Manson is at first a drawing with a blacked out head, later he is a claymation style puppet with a ball of hair for a head.

And the train of thought represented in the visuals is engaging while being imaginative… The jumps from one subject to another is weird, but they make sense, such as JFK’s head morphing into Fidel, Marilyn, Hitler… This is inspiring work!

Old Man from Leah Shore on Vimeo.

Written by ricardo

October 7th, 2015 at 9:05 am