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Ecologías Correlativas at 319 Scholes

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untitled slime moulds by Dan Baker

untitled slime moulds by Dan Baker is a beautiful animation of mold surviving

Last Thursday I made it to the opening of Ecologías Correlativas at 319 Scholes curated by chimera+ and was treated to excellent new work. The piece pictured above left the strongest impression on me as I think that it’s beautiful at many levels. “untitled slime moulds” by Dan Baker is a stop motion animation of mold seeking out food and surviving. The artist set up a backlit mold environment that he documented over an extended period of time. The final video isn’t simply a compilation of the stills, but rather the artist pans throughout the environment following the mold as it moves and grows, seeking food or dying. The animation is beautifully rendered and the manner in which the mold moves and expands appears programmatic. It brought to mind some of the more beautiful data visualizations that I’ve seen in different years, however this is a living entity moving in space. The piece immediately reminded me of Thomas Aquinas’s writings and his argument of geometry as the language of God.

Although I have mixed feelings about my work in the show, projected in the back room and documented below, I was flattered to be part of a thoughtful and compelling exhibition that thematically stemmed from Félix Guatarri’s “Three Ecologies”. The beginning of the video “El Rito Apasionado” is available online.

El Rito Apasionado

Rear gallery with "El Rito Apasionado" projected onto rear wall.

Another piece that I thoroughly enjoyed is Miguel Soares “Place in Time”… brilliant!

Miguel Soares, Place in Time from migso on Vimeo.

And below is a textual contribution by the Chilean artist Ignacio Nieto.

Ignacio Nieto

Text contribution by Ignacio Nieto

The exhibition is only up until the 27 of this month and definitely worth the trip. Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 2:00pm – 6:00pm, and by appointment, 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, NY.

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October 17th, 2011 at 8:21 pm