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SF Giants Bring Home Championship! Will the Blue States Win Today?

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The major league championship turned into a battle of Blue State (Democrat) vs. Red State (Republican… The Gay Haven, Hippie, Immigrant, Latino, Liberal city of San Francisco vs. conservative leaning, home of George Bush x2 Texas… The San Francisco Giants dominated the Rangers and became champions in five games.

Today – Tuesday, November 2nd, national voting day for the Obama Administration’s midterm period has been predicted as a landslide win for the Republicans and Tea Party hate mongers… a day of reckoning when voter anger will rule upon the next two years of bipartisan politics leading to a purchased presidential election. BUT could the Giant’s win stir a liberal awakening? Could the unexpected Champs of the World Series, bring a fresh air to Tuesday’s elections – a fresh air that cools the anger and brings outraged voters to marking their ballot with reason rather than angry reaction? After all, if people are so angry about the economic situation and the level of unemployment, what party and what administration lead us into this situation?

The REPUBLICAN WHO HAD BOTH THE CONGRESS AND WHITE HOUSE FOR SIX YEARS AND THE WHITE HOUSE FOR EIGHT, PRIOR TO OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY THAT IS ONLY TWO YEARS OLD. I hope that the Giant’s spirit stirs in voters! I like the way that Mark Fiore puts it in his latest NewsToon – Watch Little Suzie describe her Halloween costume.

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November 2nd, 2010 at 8:39 am

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Tea Party FYI – Inform Yourself to Vote

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The Tea Party FYI, an information website about Tea Party sponsored candidates serves as a resource regarding how these candidates might vote as your representative. The site opens with a question “If you’re angry, scared and exhausted, would you hold a crying baby?” And then wonders why you would vote out of anger…
Tea Party FYI

The site presents information in a concise manner and focuses on five legislative topics: What the representative might want to Abolish, Cut, Repeal, Amend or Oppose:
Tea Party FYI

Click on a candidate and get concise information:
Tea Party FYI

Most importantly vote today! And check out Tea Party FYI

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November 2nd, 2010 at 5:26 am