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Maker Faire, NYC 2010

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I plugged my camera into my computer to download a few recent images and found a ton of images from the past two months that I’ve ignored, so I’m putting them all up today, starting with a few from the Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science from September 26th.
Robotic Vision Sculpture by mondomatrix
I’m not sure who would ever want this thing, perhaps a corporate lobby or some entity that wants to make sure that you know you are being watched. This over the top giant mirror had embedded masks with robotic eyes that were being controlled by webcam vision software. Above is the back of the mirror on the left – a whole lot of servos and on the right is the front of the mirror with the masks and the reflection. They were advertising Mondomatrix.

LCD Matrix project
Another cool but pointless interactive sculpture/display – designatum by Muhammad Hafiz. It’s more of a display, because it doesn’t have the creative framework to call it a sculpture. People can type into a keyboard that is wired up to a matrix of LCDs and see their message show up between the various LCDs. The project is titled I felt as if I was at a ITP open house.

ArcAttack at Maker Faire, NYC 2010, pretty cool spectacle.

Amongst my favorite things that I cam across is the “mobile science laboratory” BioBus.
Bio Bus

Studying biology inside and outside. The bus is geared up for lots of microscopic lessons.

DNA Extract Party!

And lastly, the cool roof top garden on top of the bus (you can just see the green tips), presents a proposal to the MTA to plant gardens on all NYC buses, or better on all buses world wide, to help the air quality.

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October 16th, 2010 at 10:22 am