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Ale de la Puente, Mining her Subconscious

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Imagine being highly susceptible to hypnotism and electing to give yourself over to a series of trances investigating your subconscious.  When in your normal state you do not recall what you said or how you behaved during the hypnotic state, however emotionally you have undergone a transformation.  You now feel a sadness and may cry for no apparent reason.  These are a few of the sensations that Mexican artist Ale de la Puente experienced during a period of personal investigation with a Canadian hypnotist.

Ale traversed her past and her subconscious projection into her future.  She put herself in the trust of a hypnotist to experience and pay audience to the power of her subconscious (pay audience by watching the video documentation of her trance states).  Following this intense periods of hypnosis, Ale’s hypnotist proposed one more trance to offer her a gift.  Following the final trance, Ale experienced a week of incredible happiness.

This is the personal territory that has informed Ale de la Puente’s current installation at kbk arte contemporaneo, a gallery in Mexico City directed by Ubaldo Kramer.  Ale has created a visually rich landscape entirely made of confetti; more precisely a mountain scape of confetti formed through celebration.  By throwing a large amount of confetti about the room, eventually a series of mountains appeared.  She finalized the confetti-scape by placing specific colored confetti onto the shapes, creating a series of color plateaus.  The confetti composition is accompanied by a series of beautiful photos documenting the process.

Ale de la Puente

Ale de la Puente

Ale de la Puente

Ale de la Puente

Ale de la Puente at kbk arte contemporaneo, Mexico, D.F.

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April 14th, 2008 at 12:39 pm