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Border and Ballot Box

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The NY Times has run a good story on the complexity of immigration in relation to national elections – “The Border and the Ballot Box”.  The author David Leonhardt points to historical reoccurence of xenophobia and national identity disorder regarding immigration as we like to think of ourselves as a nation of immigrants and yet we fear new waves of immigrants.  The article suggests that although immigration remains a national issue, it has not and will not present a primary platform for presidential candidates.  Personally the story is interesting because it presents a brief index of the historical national attitude toward immigration.

The article sites the 1850s anti Irish Catholic immigrant movement – “Know Nothings”,  the 1882 “Chinese Exclusion Act”…  However the article attempts to consider both sides of the issue and mentions the fact that illegal immigration undermines the notion of a nation and that the contribution of illegal immigrants is exaggerated when considering the overall effects.

But as it nears conslusion, Leonhardt points out that “No matter how it happens, the country will almost certainly need an influx of new arrivals in coming decades. The baby boomers are about to start turning 65. Someone will have to take their place in the work force — and help pay their Medicare and Social Security bills. ”  Read the story.

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March 2nd, 2008 at 10:49 am