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Shaun O’Dell at Susan Inglett

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Obsessing about the sun – it’s history, power, influence in relation to the history of the United States – Manifest Destiny, Native American genocide, slavery… has led Shuan O’Dell to create a series of drawings that are visually dynamic on view at Susan Inglett in Chelsea.

Shuan O'Dell drawing

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

The drawings at once bring to mind a diverse set of aesthetics from Aztec codices to traditional U.S. quilts conveying Quaker imagery to geometric abstraction but O’Dell manages to meld these different visual elements into works that invite the viewer to attempt to follow a narrative. These are stories of travel, exploration and discovery.

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

As O’Dell considered his personal history with the sun. He asked others to write him with their very earliest memory of the sun. He then took these memories to create a sun drawing pictured below.

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

And in a small room at the rear of the gallery, O’Dell inserted a video of the ball of fire burning. It’s an incredible image, unfortunately it doesn’t work with the rest of the exhibition and I believe detracts from the drawings, because it leaves an odd punctuation. The show will remain open until March 15th.

Shaun O'Dell drawing, detail

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