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Character Illustrations Available

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I’ve added character descriptions for the characters featured in the animation “Arbol Torcido”. I’m also hoping that people wishing to do something interesting with these characters will contact me, so that I might send them the Illustrator files for these characters. I may not be able to do anything with them any time soon, so perhaps someone can use them. Although the animation features popular television super heroes, El Chapulin Colorado and Ultraman, I created other characters such as “Terrorista”.

Terrorista Labor Man of WarTerrorista is a child of dark complexion carrying a head of two faces and arms without hands, walking naked with dynamite strapped to his body. The United States has been at the helm of establishing a fractured world. In the 20th Century, the United States global ascendence began with uncertain pride that transformed into self-rightousness and ended in gluttony. Terrorista is a reflection of that which we have wrought upon sectors of our globe – poverty with little recourse. Above are also “Labor” and “Man of War”.

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November 15th, 2007 at 1:42 pm