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Carreta Nagua Siglo 21, day 2

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I had a young crew of three boys to help me assemble the cart through the weekend. Saturday morning I took a trip with their boss, a Spaniard named Hector who runs a fabrication company that primarily does exhibition production for large media companies such as Sony, but prefers to do production for cultural institutions, they just don’t pay the bills. We drove to his shop with a couple of his employees to gather tools and materials. Returned to Laboratorio Arte-Alameda and immediately got to work. It was a late start and I only had the three guys that day and Sunday. By the late afternoon the cart began to take shape. We completed the basic structure, installed the bus chair and resolved a few questions. In the early evening it began to poor so we stopped to continue on Sunday.

Carreta Nagua, Siglo 21

Discussing the joining of the axle to the steel tubes that would make the primary structure.

Carreta Nagua, Siglo 21

Cleaning up the welds.

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October 7th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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