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Carl Prine – Think Like a Fear Monger

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A friend asked me to watch PBS’s Expose program and the program actually made me very angry.  Prine strikes me as an uncritical, ultra-conservative, obsessive individual .  Rather than questioning the terror based fear machine that the Bush administration has engendered since 9/11 leading to an illegal war, he’s the fear machine’s head publicist in the gateway to the mid-West, Pittsburgh.  The work is great if it leads to getting rid of unnecessary  chemicals and hazards, but that isn’t his agenda.  He is searching for more elements that will stir fear and concern amongst people.  Fear that has already allowed massive death through an illegal and misguided war.

He wasn’t satisfied with fermenting fear in the US middle states, so then he goes off to participate in a ridiculous war and he thinks he’s helping to bring down al qaeda when he’s probably just fanning the anger and hatred toward the US from poor people with little recourse.  It’s as if this man has been brain washed by every ultra-conservative perspective that clear thinking people have finally begun to question.  Now he’s apparently returned to the US with self-righteousness over having participated in an ill conceived war that had nothing to do with 9/11 to find a new vehicle of fear – the trains!  Carl Prine reflects the sort of ignorance that I would expect PBS to not support.

Written by ricardo

June 20th, 2007 at 8:12 pm