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Wal Mart’s Media Love In

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February 22, 2005
Now Wal-Mart has the 4th largest television network and it’s right in their stores – focused on making you a better, more productive consumer!  A New York Times story – presents some funny remarks from shoppers and media executives:

Shopper states:

“It’s sort of a neat idea…  I just walked up here and I was looking at it. I think if you’ve got children with you, it would entertain them.”

Mr. Lempert (editor of business magazine) argues that the current setup does not do enough for customers. “They should have a 60-inch monitor that’s triggered by consumers, and prints out coupons and recipes,” he said. “That’s what people want.”

He added: “You might be able to say it’s the fifth-largest network based on the number of people who walk by it, but it doesn’t mean they are paying attention to it and that it’s empowering them to buy those products.”

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