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Due to other ongoing projects and slight frustration at Bush's re-election, NEXUM ATM is no longer updated, what remains is documentation and resources surrounding this project.

Our Mission.....................
To extend the "boundaries of freedom" to others by imparting our idealism and belief in democratic institutions to those who are capable of self-government. To cultivate economic development -- the desire to consume, the need to exploit natural resources and human beings on a global scale.

Your Future.....................
The damage that the Bush administration is inflicting to our country's civil rights, and democracy may seem minor compared to the global havoc that has been mounting. It is our duty as citizens of the United States to mobolize and make sure that the 2004 presidential elections are democratic and not won illegally in the courts.

The Lies Do Not Stop:
The Bush Administration has been accused of unilateral aggressive action against Iraq. To further this accusation, it is now apparent that lawyers of the administration re-interpreted the Geneva Conventions' agreement of appropriate treatment of war prisoners to allow inhumane treatment to Afghani and Iraqi prisoners. Would we want our soldiers treated in such a manner? read more

The Effects of U.S. Violent Unilateral Action
A Crime To Humanity

03/16/05 -- U.S. Military Says 26 Inmate Deaths May Be Homicide

12/20/04 -- At Least 64 Dead as Rebels Strike in 3 Iraqi Cities

12/13/04 -- Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception in a Broad Arena

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