nexum: Roman civil law - an arrangement by which a debtor pledged his liberty as security for debt.

NEXUM ATM, the interactive video sculpture in the form of an ATM, presents a history of aggressive intervention by the United States toward ten small, poor and globally dispersed countries. The ten countries represent a history of imperialism dating back from the 1820's to the present by the United States.

Accompanying the physical ATM is the NEXUM ATM website. The site is an informational depository to contest the actions of the Bush administration by presenting information and links toward civil mobilization.

    NEXUMATM.US features:
  • THE NEXUM Global Locator - an interactive atlas that displays a history of U.S. intervention

  • The NEXUM public audio poll - pedestrians in various cities are asked, "Where do you stand on the United States' International Situation?"

  • The NEXUM Corporate Anthem - an audio assemblage composed primarily of news recordings from 1998-99.

  • The NEXUM Client Quiz - prepared in 2001 when the U.S. attacked Afghanistan.

  • The NEXUM Headlines - daily links to the headlines from various highly regarded news sources relating the United States current global presence.

  • The NEXUM Links - links to official documents, to register to vote, to write to your congress person, to various alternative news sources, and to organizations that facilitate civil mobilization.

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