June/July 2006

Experiments in Radio Topographies

Community Radio Radio and Art Radio in Exile Radio in War

Radio Haiti Inter

"Jean Leopold Dominique created a radio station in Haiti to introduce such radical concepts as broadcasting in Creole, the language of the masses, as well as reporting on political and human rights issues.

Following travels, Dominique returned in 1995 to find his radio station ransacked by the military after the coup. Caught up in rebuilding.

On April 3, 2000 Jean Leopold Dominique was killed

The story of Dominique became a damning portrait of a country where justice itself was in exile. His story intermingles with that of Mr. Aristide. Where he once called his onetime friend's first victory "the most wonderful experience of my life," he was now challenging him on hte radio to stop the corruption swirling about his political party."

as reported by the New York Times, David Gonzalez