The initial workshop for Breaking News was held at the Gloria Parks Community Center in Buffalo on July 28th, 2009. The photos below are from that workshop. The goals of the workshop are to creatively investigate how children digest current events disseminated by news sources. The workshop revolves around the newspaper as a form of news dissemination. How do they view the headlines, what information do they retain, how is it digested and finally how is it envisioned by them?

The workshop also asks participants what is news and where does the news come from... what are primary sources for news in the lives of children - evening televised news? the Internet? other sources? To develop other workshops. Download the Breaking News Lesson Plan

The student's of the workshop are presented with a mock newspaper which is read and deconstructed in both design and narrative forms. The images below present the two sides of the handout. Download the second page - "Identifying the Parts of a Newspaper"