June/July 2006

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Berlin Walks: **VIEW VIDEO**

From June 1st through July 17, the Public Broadcast Cart will be traversing the streets of Berlin to produce edited broadcasts for tesla Radio 1:1. Below are excerpts from these street broadcasts and upcoming dates with locations.

July 14 - Copa Sonar

Public intervention at Schlossplatz, Berlin mitte. Performances by ap/xxxxx, B COMPONENT, the rottt (the return of the thinking thing), OLYVETTY, and saal-c were broadcast from the site via miniFM. Visitors were offered wine, beer and entertainment free of charge, a beautiful summer evening in Berlin.

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July 7
Martin Howse and Marco Barotti stopped by my Tesla stuio to rehearse for Copa Sonar

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July 1
Schlossplatz, 13:00 - 16:00
June 30
Discussion with sound artist Mario Verandi, originally from Argentina. While touring parts of Berlin, without the cart, we discussed the varying attitudes of European nations toward globe trotting artist. Carlos who did his PhD in the UK, lived in Spain and now lives in Germany, but has worked throughout Europe and the United States, feels that Germany is the most receptive country toward foreign artists.

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June 29
A conversation with a Latin American street artist - Victor Gonzalez is interwoven with the music of street organ player Yo-Yo recorded during the afternoon at Alexanderplatz, 15:00 - 18:00. No Photo taken.

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June 25

Spontaneous performance recorded in tesla studio. Marco Barotti and Martin Howse of ap/xxxxx join instruments in experimentation. Marco performs with a Swiss percussion instrument that is fed into ap/xxxxx noise machine. They turned out a 28 minute noise session.

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June 22

Met with a television crew for a culture magazine to document the Public Broadcast Cart in Alexander Platz. A girl, Janice Steinbock hanging out in the plaza took over the cart and sang a few songs, she has a nice voice, please have a listen.

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June 21

June 21st was the summer solstice - the longest day of and shortest night. The topic for the public radio broadcasts was how one plans to celebrate the longest day. Here the cart is at Alexander Platz, but there were very few participants!

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June 13

From Dussman at Friedrichstr to Pariser Platz with Marco and Manu

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  Marco's Performance
June 11

Jordan on the way to Schloss-platz - Germany Land of Ideas!

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June 6

The police told me that the cart was stolen and I must return it to Plus.

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June 4

From Pariser-platz to Unter den Linden

Possible topics during these walks will stem from Nationalism and Immigration in such a manner: