15 June: "Car Bomb Explodes Outside U.S. Office in Pakistani City, 11 Killed and 26 Injured" read story
16 June: "Internet Cafe Blaze in Beijing Kills 24" read story
17 June: No Deaths Reported on NY Times Front Page.
18 June: "Suicide Bomber Hits Jerusalem Bus, Killing at Least 19" read story
19 June: "Afghan Blast Kills 1, Injures 1" read story
"J. Carter Brown, Who Transformed the Museum World, Dies at 67" read story

"Jack Buck, Measured Voice of Cardinals Baseball, Dies at 77" read story

20 June: "Bomb Kills 7 Israelis; Army Retakes West Bank Lands" read story
21 June: "Palestinians Kill 5 Israeli Settlers in Raid on a Home" read story
"Car Bomb Kills a British Banker in Saudi Arabia" read story

"At Least 3 Palestinians Are Killed as Israelis Fire on a Jenin Market" read story

23 June: "Major Quake Rocks Northern Iran, Killing 500" read story
23 June: "Iran Quake Victims Revised to 220" read story
"Ann Landers, Advice Giver to the Millions, Dies at 83" read story

24 June: "Israeli Forces Surround Arafat Compound; 6 Killed in Gaza Strike" read story
"Fire Engulfs Brooklyn Building, Killing Seven People in One Family" read story

"Five Die When Chartered Bus Overturns Near Rochester" read story

25 June: "Bus Crashes in Texas, Killing 4 Youngsters and Driver" read story
26 June: "10 Pakistani Soldiers Are Killed in Fight With Al Qaeda Suspects" read story
"Mexican Border Crash Kills 6 as Van Hits Oncoming Traffic" read story

27 June: No Deaths Reported on NY Times Front Page.
28 June: "John Entwistle, Bass Player for the Who, Dies at 57" read story
29 June: "Four Killed as North and South Korean Navy Vessels Trade Fire" read story
"A Violent Death Exposes Fish Piracy in Russia" read story

30 June: "Israeli Forces Kill Senior Hamas Militant - Radio" read story
1 July: "Hungary Bus Crash Kills 19 Polish Pilgrims" read story
2 July: "71 Die When Two Jets Collide High Above Southern Germany" read story
"Afghans Link Civilian Deaths to U.S. Bomb" read story

3 July: "Al Qaeda Suspects Killed in Pakistan Shootout" read story
4 July: "Plane Crash in Central African Republic Kills 20" read story
5 July: "Plane Crash in Calif. Park Kills 4" read story
"Los Angeles Airport Gunman Slays 2 and Is Killed by Guard" read story

"3 Sisters and 3 Firefighters Die as Roof Collapses in Blaze" read story

"Dozens Killed in Algiers Explosion" read story

6 July: "Afghan Official Is Assassinated; Blow to Karzai" read story
"Floods, Landslides Kill Seven in Philippines" read story

"Suspect in Bank Robbery Is Killed by Police" read story

7 July: No Deaths Reported on NY Times Front Page.
8 July: "Expecting Taliban, but Finding Only Horror" read story
(These deaths were previously reported on July 2nd, the day following the U.S. bombing in Southern Afghanistan, however the count has risen from 40 to 46.)

"Dr. W. M. Cowan, 70, Scientist With Hughes Medical Institute, Dies" read story

9 July: "Floods Shift to South Texas as Other Areas Clean Up" read story
"Palestinian Gunman Opens Fire on Israeli Police" read story

10 July: "Gnutella Developer Gene Kan, 25, Commits Suicide" read story
"Rod Steiger, Oscar-Winning Character Actor, Dies at 77" read story

"Tough Life and Ugly Death for Streetwise Brooklyn Boy" read story

11 July: "Former Sheriff Guilty in Successor's Killing" read story
12 July: "Freed From Jail Despite His Pleas, 92-Year-Old Is Found Dead in a River" read story
"Israeli Army Kills Three Palestinians" read story

13 July: "Killing of White Deputy Quiets Protests Over Police Shootings of 2 Blacks" read story
"Journalist of Jenin's Despair Dies of Wound" read story

14 July: "Killing of Girl, 10, and Increase in Homicides Challenge Boston's Crime-Fighting Model" read story
"U.S. Plans Investigation Into Afghan Strike" read story
(These deaths were previously reported on July 2nd, the day following the U.S. bombing in Southern Afghanistan, and again July 8th, however the count has risen from 40 to 46 to 54.)

15 July: "Israeli Missiles Destroy Home of Hamas Militant in Gaza" read story
16 July: "State of Emergency in Paraguay; 1 Dies in Unrest Over Economy" read story
"Attack on Israeli Bus Kills at Least 7 and Injures 20" read story

17 July: "Sharp Turn in Investigation of Boat Crash" read story
"I.R.A. Apologizes for Civilian Deaths in Its 30-Year Campaign" read story (As this news item sites historical deaths, and does not site a specific number, the deaths will not be represented in the 1000 icons graphic map.)

18 July: "Sheriff Issues Alert After California Girl Is Found Slain" read story
"Nurses in Missouri and Texas Charged With Killing Patients" read story

"3 Are Left Dead by Suicide Blasts in Tel Aviv Street" read story

"Author Jack Olsen Dies at 77" read story

19 July: "Shock at Charges Palestinians Were Sold Israeli Munitions" read story
"British Doctor Killed at Least 215 People, Inquiry Reports" read story

20 July: "Alan Lomax, Who Raised Voice of Folk Music in U.S., Dies at 87" read story
21 July: "Flaws in U.S. Air War Left Hundreds of Civilians Dead" read story
22 July: No Deaths Reported on NY Times Front Page.
23 July: "Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills a Hamas Leader and 14 Others" read story
"U.S. Indicts 5 in Killing of Missionary in Philippines" read story

"Iraq: U.S. Raid Kills 1, Injures 22" read story

24 July: "Chaim Potok, Who Illumined the World of Hasidic Judaism, Dies at 73" read story
25 July: "Killings From Taliban's Era Still Haunt a Valley" read story
"Palestinian Gunmen Kill Rabbi to Avenge Israeli Strike" read story

"Greek Police Link Suspect to 1975 Killing of C.I.A. Chief" read story

26 July: No Deaths Reported on NY Times Front Page.
27 July: "Girl Vanishes at Breakfast; Body Is Found Hours Later" read story
"Fighter Crash Kills Around 40 at Ukraine Air Show" read story

"Brooklyn Woman Kills Daughter, 7, and Stabs Neighbor, Police Say" read story

28 July: "Girl Shot by Jewish Settlers, Palestinians Say" read story
"La. Inmate Dies After Brief Escape" read story

29 July: "Immigrants Found Dead in Truck; Two Drivers Are Charged" read story
"Wife Killings at Fort Reflect Growing Problem in Military" read story

"Bertram D. Cohn, 76, Surgeon Who Created Embolism Filter, Dies" read story

"George E. Lindsay, Science Academy Director, Dies at 85" read story
1000 icons, each icon represents a human being. From June 15th to August 25th 2002, one icon will disappear for each death reported in the headlines of the New York Times Online. The space from which the icons disappear will be populated by a new icon representing how the reported death(s) occurred. If the death(s) occurred due to an act of aggression, the new icon will be accompanied by a flag or emblem representing the nation, organization or individual claiming responsibility. Below the icons are listed each day's death headline(s).


w Car Bomb

tw Fire

w Suicide Bomber

w Land Mine

w Cancer or Cancer Related

w Gun Fire

w Tank Shelling

w Earthquake

w Helicoptor Fire

w Car Crash

w Heart Attack

w Sea Battle

w Plane Crash

w Air Bombing

www Bomb

w Flood and Landslide

ww Suicide

ww Kidney Failure

www Knife Stab Wounds

Boating Accident

ww Strangulation

www Lethal Injection

www Old Age

w Missile Attack

w Head Blows

w Border Crossing

ww Dead Icons

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