INCERTIDUMBRE: VR Game Investigating Personal Dislocation

Incertidumbre is a virtual reality game that investigates the sensibility of dislocation by presenting personal accounts from immigrants to the United States as well as individuals on the wrong side of gentrification.

Game play takes place in an urban maze - a series of alleyways, throughout the maze the player encounters video portraits of immigrants to the United States who share personal accounts of cultural loss or dislocation and uncertainty. The player escapes the maze by collecting these stories while pursued by a menacing figures that resemble U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers or an independent militia. Throughout the virtual space, the player will also hear disembodied voices sharing observations and tales regarding urban gentrification. Although the game will be available as an app, I will present it on the street standing with a pole that has a cross bar with two or more VR headsets hanging from the crossbar. At the top of the poll will be a sign stating "Free VR Experience". The project collapses gaming with documentary material in a public situation.