Excerpts from a 2012 Interview with Two Dreamers


Cesar and Vishal, discuss the challenges of assimilating to U.S. culture while their parents attempt to cultivate a sense of ethnic and cultural knowledge that links them to their birth country.

Living with Fear

Vishal and Cesar describe how they have dealt with their status as undocumented immigrants from first discovering their status to ongoing fears and the difficulties of revealing their status to friends.

The College Experience

Vishal and Cesar recall the difficulties of applying to college - the lack of knowledge of how to apply as well as where to apply and what scholarships might be available.

On Love, Romantic and Familial

Cesar and Vishal recall how difficult it is to tell someone that they are dating that they are undocumented. They then describe the fear of being left without parents and the helplessness that they would have to confront without the security of parents while living undocumented.

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