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"The season of death, as Robert C. Bonner, the commissioner in charge of the Border Patrol, calls the hot months, has only just begun, and already 61 people have died in the Arizona border region since last Oct. 1, according to the Mexican Interior Ministry - triple the pace of the previous year...

If the pace keeps up, even with new initiatives to limit border crossings by using unmanned drones and Blackhawk helicopters in the air and beefed-up patrols on the ground, this will be the deadliest year ever to cross the nation's busiest smuggling corridor. The 154 deaths in the Border Patrol's Tucson and Yuma sectors last year set a record...

Agents and groups opposed to open borders say the spike in crossings and deaths are the fault of the Bush proposal, which is stalled in Congress and unlikely to be acted on this year. But it has created a stir in Mexico, they say."
read story, 23 May, 2004, NY Times

Try the cart out in person
November 22- February 22, 2003-04: L Factor, Exit Art, Manhattan, NY.

October 24th - April 30th, 2003-04: ALT Digital, The American Museum of the Moving Image, Queens, NY.

March 27-30: Version>03: Digital Arts Convergence Chicago at 7pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art

March 5: Dorkbot NYC at 7pm at the Columbia University Computer Music Center

February 28: The Qville Launch Party in Queens

November 7: ProFresh Exhibition
Bellwether Gallery, 335 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY.

October 11-12: Race in Digital Space 2.0
Location: University of Southern California and Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
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September 14 [Sat] 2-5pm: The Kitchen's Annual Neighborhood Fair, Manhattan