A project by Ricardo Miranda Zuniga for
the NEW MUSEUM'S Counter Culture

From Darkness to Daylight, the Installation at 1 Freeman Alley for Counter Culture

From Darkness to Daylight was on exhibit at 1 Freeman Alley as part of the NEW MUSEUM'S Counter Culture exhibition. The exhibition ran from July 10th through August 24th, 2004 and included works by Julianne Swartz, Marion Wilson, Jean Shin, Raul Vincent Enriquez and Flux Factory. Curator Melanie Franklin Cohn lead walks with an artist each Saturday during the term of the exhibition. For more information on the exhibition, please visit the NEW MUSEUM web site.

From Darkness to Daylight was housed at SILO, a gallery located at 1 Freeman Alley and is open from noon to 6pm through August 24th, 2004. The installation features three large scale intertwining galvanized steel air ducts. At the end of each air duct is a monitor that presents an animated talking head. The animations are based on interviews that I conducted with two long time residents of the Bowery and the manager of the Bari Restaurant Equipment Supply business. The ducts are a representation of various timelines/histories intertwining and converging to establish the character of the neighborhood.

Click the images below to view documentation of the installation.

A number of people helped me out with the fabrication and installation of this project: the 3D animation of Anton Bari is by animator, Lukas Wadya; Neil Obedos was instrumental in the suspension of the ducts; Ty Daurity of Kirk and Blum cut me an incredible deal on the ducts and was instrumental in double checking my measurements and angles and caught a mistake that would have sent the top duct through the brick wall; Satre Stuelke helped me take my initial drawing of the ducts to a 3D rendering; and Bryan, Deborah, Ruijin, Anthony all helped me erase the backgrounds from Bruce's head for the final animation. And Thank You to Brooke Singer for great documentation.